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2900 Hair Graft – 4 Month Follow Up

Our patient Juan is a 37 year old male with dark hair and complexion. Hair density in the donor area was average but hair quality (fullness and caliber of the follicles) were excellent. He had a Norwood hair loss classification of 5/6 having experienced significant hair loss since his mid 20’s. Upon consultation with Dr.…

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1800 Graft – Hair Transplant Case Study

This 35 year old male had Norwood Class III hair loss. His donor area was above average density and good hair fullness. He had previously used topical hair maintenance treatments but wanted to restore his hairline and frontal density.

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Cancer Patients – Reconstructive Hair Transplant – Update

Patient CB – 37 year old female, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and required chemotherapy treatment. Although the treatment was successful she was left with significant permanent hair loss more than 4 years later. She is an artist, musician/singer and was referred to Dr. McGrath by a friend. In her consult form she wrote…

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Hair Transplant Patient of the Month

Above is a 40 year old male patient with Class 3 hair loss, dark wavy hair with good to average density. Below view video of Dr. McGrath combing through the patient’s transplanted hair. 1 session, 2200 hair grafts, 1 year after surgery.

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I absolutely LOVE telling everyone about my procedure

This past week has been very interesting, working with past and present clients. I helped a past client with an apartment this past Tuesday and he just couldn’t figure out what was different about me since I helped him last fall. I told him that I had a hair restoration procedure done in January and…

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