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McGrath Medical
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by Ashton R. on McGrath Medical
Best Hair Coach

I started doing my research on finding the best hair transplant surgeon and landed on Steve cook(best hair coach) who was my mentor in finding the best location and surgeon closest to me. I also had a consultation with Dr. McGrath and I was absolutely amazed with the before and after pictures of his patients. The only drawback for me was the distance since I live in bay area CA. I wanted to go somewhere close to me and didn't want to be hassled with flying and staying in a hotel at that time. Steve Cook was absolutely patient with me and gave me the best recommendations and suggestions to help me make a mindful and best decision to pick my surgeon. Absolutely remarkable when it comes to be working with Steve Cook! Thank you Steve for all the support, time and advise you provided me on this continued journey of having my hair back!!

by CH on McGrath Medical
Do Not Wait!

My son started showing hair thinning as early as 9-10 grade. We didn't even look for help because he was young and we thought our only remedy was surgery. After high school, we interviewed several of the top Hair Restoration Docs in the country...McGrath Medical was the only one that said, lets start slow and see if the less invasive treatments work, we were apprehensive because my son just wanted results and was tired of dealing with it. So they started with medication, its been 6 months and we are blown away!!!! He started seeing results at 3 months! I cant imagine how great it will look after a year! He looks like regular kid with a regular head of hair. I wished I had know about this while he was in high school, I would have had him on this medication his freshman year! Everyone is so friendly too, all the office staff, Dr McGrath, his PA; they actually treat us like they care about any questions we may have, and they're more than happy to help us!! I kick myself every time i think, how easy and inexpensive it was to help my son with this problem....Do Not Wait! - 

by RM on McGrath Medical
Night & Day Difference

I’ve had great success with Dr. McGrath. I actually went to a previous Doctor for my first procedure and results were okay. I did my next procedure with Dr. McGrath and the results were like night and day. The quality of the procedure, the staff and the results were tremendous. I highly recommend Dr. McGrath and only wish I had used him for my first procedure.

by KH on McGrath Medical
Best decision I ever made!

"I never knew there was an official name for the type of hair loss I had experienced until I found McGrath Medical. Through McGrath Medical, I learned more about traction alopecia and the different types of services offered to help correct the hair loss. My hair was always styled very neatly as a child but that in turn pulled my hair too tight which killed my hair follicles and caused hair loss. For YEARS I didn’t know how to grow my hair back. I got creative with covering and concealing my hair which was a burden in itself. I suffered from hair loss for 25 years. The customer service I received was phenomenal. The recovery was challenging in the beginning as I expected it would be, but I can without a doubt say this one of of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made. My hair has grown in beautifully. My best advice is to be patient and trust the process. Thank you McGrath Medical! This was truly life changing."

by J.P. on McGrath Medical
Absolutely Terrific Results

Dr McGrath and his staff did an incredible job with my hair transplant procedure. As anyone who has experienced a procedure like this would know, it can be very uncertain and, quite frankly, rather scary. Dr. McGrath (and his Team) took considerable time and care to make me feel comfortable with the plan and surgery---and then an absolutely terrific job in execution. I am now well over a year removed from my procedure and my hair has never looked better and more full/dense. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you, Dr McGrath and Team!! I would recommend them to anyone!! -JP

by Kyle M - Certified Google Review on McGrath Medical
Your in Good Hands with McGrath Medical

I had my FUE hair restoration, 1800 grafts, with Dr. McGrath on December 5th, 2019. Nearly one year later, the results are phenomenal. I now look decisively better and I feel more confident. While Dr. McGrath himself clearly deserves tremendous credit, and his results speak for themselves, I cannot possibly heap enough praise upon Steve Cook, who is probably the most ethical man in the business. For roughly three years prior to my surgery, I communicated off and on with Steve, asking questions, seeking information, visiting for multiple consultations, etc. Never once did he show annoyance with me, never once did he rush me, never once did he attempt to “sell me” or push me into anything I didn’t want. He is respectful, helpful, ethical, and immensely knowledgeable about the procedure. Between the results themselves, the high ethics, and the incredible customer service, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands at McGrath Medical.

by NR on McGrath Medical
The Patient Comes First At McGrath Medical

4 Quick things to know about McGrath Medical

1.) You aren’t just a random client/patient. They really care about giving you your hair back
2.) The employees are extremely knowledgeable about the science of hair restoration, and how it works
3.) They don’t sugarcoat anything. If you aren’t ready for the surgery yet, they will tell you, and they will do everything they can to get you ready for it.
4.) It works! One of the first things I noticed about McGrath Medical is that they aren’t just trying to sell hair restoration surgery... they are working to give you your hair back.

I first came in, and the hair on the sides and back of my head wasn’t thick enough for the transplant surgery. I had been to about 3 different hair restoration clinics, but McGrath was the only one to say I wasn’t a good candidate for surgery. My donor hair wasn’t thick enough for the surgery yet, but they can help make it stronger. They didn’t want me to have the surgery done, just for it to not work because my hair wasn’t full enough in the donor area yet. So they prescribed me a pill that their partnered pharmacy makes that is a mix of finesteride, minoxidil, and the last one (I forgot what it’s called). I was told that if I take the pill every day, my hair will become a lot stronger, and my bald spot will reduce. First thought that came in my mind was “Yeah bro whatever haha. I’ve done the finesteride and minoxidil therapy before, and it didn’t work”. I’m 8 months into the pill now, and my bald spot is almost completely filled in with hair, you can barely see it anymore. I’m now a very good candidate for the surgery. I can’t wait to get it done. I have no doubt it will turn out great, especially seeing all their success stories as well as the other reviews. I came in today to just take pictures of my hair, but I had some questions for the doctor. I wasn’t on the scheduled to speak to the doctor or anything like that. However, the nurse practitioner, Dr McGrath, and the finance manager all took about 20 minutes of their time to answer any questions I had at all, whether it was about money, what to expect from the surgery, and the science behind it. Out of their busy schedule, all 3 of them spoke with me about it, and I wasn’t even set up to speak with them. McGrath Medical is definitely about as bonafide as it gets, and they care an extreme amount about helping you get your hair back. I highly recommend this place to you if you are looking to maybe get surgery, or if to just get some hair back without surgery. They have many different methods.

by Alex J. on McGrath Medical
Changed My Life!

Dr. McGrath, Steven, Irene, and the entire staff at McGrath Medical are absolutely amazing and have changed my life for the better as my results were extremely good. It's almost hard to believe how much better I look compared to the photos taken before my first procedure - it feels like I am a completely different, better person now. I highly recommend a transplant here over anywhere else as they exceeded my expectations 10x over and were extremely skillful in every aspect of the process. The talent, years of experience, and pure artistry Dr. McGrath demonstrated easily make him one of the best in the world, if not THE best in this field (and I can confidently say this based on the months of research I did elsewhere before consulting with McGrath medical.) I went from an absolutely horrible, thinning, highly receding hairline/crown to a full, strong, natural, and restored hairline/head of hair. My barber couldn't even tell I had a procedure until I told him. I have zero negative things to say and can't recommend the team here enough!!

by Brandon E. on McGrath Medical
They Really Care!

I got in touch with Steven Cook on the McGrath team about 2.5 years ago looking for a solution to the hair loss problem. Upon assessing the situation Steven knew immediately that I did not need a hair transplant but rather to begin taking the finesteride medication daily. I was 23 at the time and now at 26 I haven't lost A. SINGLE. FOLLICLE. SINCE... That moment changed my life. I grew my hair out and also noticed REGROWTH. My hair looks great now and is natural! I remember dwelling every morning and feeling like I had my youth years robbed from me. Each day looking in the mirror wondering what I was "supposed" to look like. How life would've been different. This man did not sell me on a transplant. This man did the right thing. And with a little bit of correct information... my life and confidence have changed radically. I hope for anyone still dealing with this problem that they too come across this institution. These guys are genuinely interested in informing the public as to what can be done with your specific situation. What a great time to be alive! Forever thankful Steven!

by Trent S. on McGrath Medical
Great Results!

Going into a process like this can be nerve racking and embarrassing for some people. Dr. McGrath, Steve Cook, and Irene Wozniak made this experience one of a kind — the whole staff is truly professional and amazing at what they do, but are also extremely caring and willing to listen to you and your needs. They are also flexible in making sure it is the right fit for you, even giving transportation to and from your hotel in their personal vehicles. You will not feel rushed or forced into any decision. Looking back, I am glad to have chosen Dr. McGrath and wouldn’t change my mind on this decision. The results are great, even getting better every day after 2 years. I can’t thank them enough!

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