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by Roi Rabinek - Google Review on McGrath Medical

After discovering Dr.McGrath through deep research on the internet I was contacting Steven which was amazing by all means! During one year or more before my procedure Steven was always available to me for questions with a lot of patience! I flew to the USA from a VERY distant place and I received the best of the best treatment I could have ever get! The professionalism of the staff was amazing and Dr.mcgrath really knows what he's doing! Thanks for everything!

by Leah Hamilton - Google Review on McGrath Medical
Dr. McGrath is the Best

Dr. McGrath is the best. His work speaks for itself! Steve, Irene and the whole staff are all wonderful!!! Highly recommend to anyone seriously considering a hair transplant!

by Richard B - Google Reviews on McGrath Medical
Fantastic Results

After doing research, I decided Dr. McGrath was the best to help me with my thinning hair. Before transplant surgery or FUE, we decided to try alternative, non-invasive methods to actually regrow my hair...and they WORKED! I was fully prepared to go through with surgery, but because of their integrity, I got fantastic results at a very low cost! Steve and Dr. McGrath actually care about helping their patients first and foremost. Even if you don’t get the results I did without surgery, know that you are dealing with people of integrity who care about what’s best for YOU. It is rare to find people who practice what they preach, but these folks do.

by Michael Sebright - Google Review on McGrath Medical
Results Off The Charts

After spending a year researching and interviewing potential doctors, I chose Dr. McGrath. This was a procedure that would change my appearance and if it wasn't done well it would be noticeable...unless I decided to start wearing hats! Because of that, I traveled to several states in search of a highly reviewed doctor and one that I felt comfortable with. Dr. McGrath and his staff were off the charts. Steve was absolutely exceptional! An honest straight-shooter. There to answer any and all questions and at all times of the day and weekends. The procedure was worth every penny! Life altering.The results I've experienced are off the charts and I'm only 7 months in! If you're in search, this is the place to go!

by Aaron Kramer - Google Review on McGrath Medical
No Better Place

Typing this review is a bit difficult. In part because of the journey itself, along with the mental aspect of the results and having to paint all that in a concise way that does proper justice. Then, because it’s a review, adequately describe, staff professionalism, business quality, customer service, etc. This review will attempt to accomplish those goals. I am a 36yr Male and opted for the FUT strip hair restoration. Completed 2 surgeries spaced about 16 months apart. Started losing hair mid 20s and was a Class VI prior to first FUT session. The journey has been an emotional one, it’s the best way to describe it. First surgery was Nov 15’ but had been wanting, searching and planning on how to get hair restoration since 2009. Your researching reviews now so no need to establish the importance of One’s hair. The mental effect of seeing, feeling and washing your own hair that is now covering places previously barren is indescribable. The results took, time and patience but the recovery/growth was not only steady but worth every second. Nothing was left to the imagination by the performing Doctor and staff of what to expect in regard to the timeline of recovery/growth. This was extremely beneficial. My first point of contact, along with my deciding reason to choose this establishment, was their Customer Service Rep Steve. We met face to face and talked on the phone several times prior to committing to the first surgery. It was the passion, knowledge, energy and the upfront delivery of info (good or bad) that lead me to put my trust in him. This trust was justified and carried over into my interactions with the performing doctor, Doctor McGrath. What lead me to put my trust in him was his exactness, his methodical and take it or leave it approach. You get the idea of an artist looking at a blank canvass when he looks at your scalp. He creates. Simple as that. I can say with no hesitation or exaggeration, this professionalism and attention to detail, shown throughout the whole aiding staff, receptionist, etc. The business building itself was clean, inviting and accessible. If you have realistic expectations, patience and a willingness to commit there is no better place.

by Teri Smart - Google Reviews on McGrath Medical
Positive Experience

This has been an exceedingly positive experience for me. For the last year I have worked with the team at McGrath Medical on my hair loss and the results I have achieved are amazing -- much more than I would have thought without surgery. I never felt like I was being "sold" at any time and they were very honest about what would work, and what would not. I strongly recommend McGrath Medical without hesitation.

by Steve Michaels - Google Review on McGrath Medical
Surpassed Expectations

I researched many different clinics before choosing McGrath Medical. The entire staff was extremely polite and gave me all the attention I could possibly ask for! I am an extremely detailed person. I even waited the entire year before posting this review. I am extremely pleased with my results and would recommend this clinic to anyone considering a surgical hair restoration procedure. The entire staff led by Dr Dan surpassed even my high expectations!

by Roman Johnson on McGrath Medical
1 Procedure Did The Job!

Dr McGrath transplanted 6,200 hairs in my procedure. I was told I was a class 5 patient and have been losing my hair for the last 15 years. I was skeptical and nervous. Dr, McGrath did not pressure me to make a fast decision. I felt very comfortable and needed some time. Six months later I was in surgery and could not believe how comfortable the entire staff made me feel. I have been considering this for years and cannot explain how wonderful it is to get my hair back. Dr McGrath was extremely confident in how a one procedure hair surgery would take years off my appearance. He was right! The internet makes this procedure confusing. Dr McGrath makes this procedure an easy decision. Anyone out there considering a hair transplant, this is what I call a "no brainer". Visit McGrath Medical in Austin TX, get your hair back and you will love the result!

by TJD on McGrath Medical
Dr. McGrath Changed My Life!

I cannot thank the entire staff enough. Dr. McGrath you changed my life! I had interviewed several companies about hair restoration and I felt comfortable the moment I walked into the office. The staff was very friendly and professional, the consultant was extremely knowledgeable, made me feel confident about the procedure and was great with checking in on me afterwards. Dr. McGrath is truly an artist. He really seemed to care about what I wanted and was very straightforward with what I should and should not consider doing. I really believe I made the best decision I possibly could have and have referred several others. Nervous about where to go, check them out. Thanks again to everyone at McGrath Medical.

by Donald M. on McGrath Medical
Gifted Hair Surgeon

Dr. McGrath is truly gifted (or a magician, or both) and my results look absolutely, completely natural. I am amazed at how easy this whole process was, and I am considering a second procedure sometime in the future. People who know I had it done ask me if it hurt and I always tell them "just in my wallet", but in reality I think it's very good value for the money.

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