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McGrath Medical
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 32 reviews
by T.S. on McGrath Medical
Excellent Experiece

I had an excellent experience with Dr. McGrath and his entire team! They truly made the experience comfortable and easy, and thoroughly answered any questions I had. Dr. McGrath and Steve Cook regularly took the time to check up on me, the team working with Dr. McGrath also took the time to ask me how I was doing throughout the process. Irene was great about helping me get set up, and checking me the following day before sending me on my way. Overall, I HIGHLY recommend anyone considering this surgery to go to Dr. McGrath!

by N.M. on McGrath Medical
Amazing Results

I truly had amazingly unexpected results and I think it was the best investment of my life. From the initial consultation, to the procedure itself and then the follow up services these guys truly make you feel like a VIP. I would highly recommend this clinic for any one wishing to have a hair transplant as they are very honest and the best in the business. I must say that I did a lot of research before going to them.

by ET on McGrath Medical
Restored my hair and my confidence

When I first came to Dr. McGrath four years ago, I was a broken man. A botched hair transplant two years earlier had yielded almost no results, other than depleting my donor area and crushing my confidence. Dr. McGrath listened to my story and, along with his amazing team, began the process of rebuilding what I had once lost. Today, I can go to the barber to get a haircut. I can style my hair in the morning. I can walk out my front door with the confidence that I look pretty darn good! I am forever grateful to Dr. McGrath for helping me get my life and confidence back.

by A.P. on McGrath Medical
Amazing Honesty and Caring

1 year ago I was recommended McGrath Medical and Dr. Dan McGrath by a friend which was very pleased of the results he obtained (which were notable). When reached the appointment I was expecting to be “sold” and expensive solution to be very frank, instead Steve Cook explained in detail the options I had and choose 1st a 6-8 month prescription approach to make the hair stronger and ticker. I started seeing a significant improvement around month 6 and last week when visited McGrath Medical for a review and compared photos from my 1st visit to today I can truly tell a significant improvement, but most important, I was told I don’t require surgery at this point and to continue with prescribed medicine. Bottom line, I highly recommend McGrath Medical and their outstanding staff, they are focused on delivering solutions for their patients vs just taking your money.

by XR on McGrath Medical
Definitely Made the Right Choice

I did a lot of research before deciding on McGrath Medical for my procedure. I absolutely made the right choice in selecting McGrath medical. I am very please with the results and the professionalism of the entire staff. It is amazing that my office staff could not tell I had a transplant procedure! I did take a whole week off of work so when I returned there was no redness or any signs whatsoever that I had a transplant. After a few months the hair started to gradually grow back in areas where there had not been any in years. The re growth is so gradual and the procedure was done so well that people I have know for years don’t know or can tell I had a transplant. I look and feel better with hair! In summary if I had to do it again I would without any reservations. The whole team at McGrath medical is great. Thank you.

by Ben on McGrath Medical
Professional & Honest

Highly professional and honest. They have a plan for you to benefit you.

by Tom L. on McGrath Medical
Long Term Investment in myself

I can’t thank the entire McGrath Medical Team enough!!! I’ve received a tremendous experience from the moment I crested the front door, not to mention the prior ongoing months of correspondence preparing for my surgery day. The McGrath Medical Team immediately viewed me as a family member and our relationship has been firmly in place for the last two years, two surgeries and I’m considering a third. I’ve always viewed this procedure as a long term investment for myself and the McGrath Team has thoroughly supported me throughout my journey. If this procedure is something you’re considering, look no further than McGrath Medical, you will experience around the clock consultation and support from months before, to the day of the procedure and for months to follow. I now have extended family in Austin TX, nice right!!

by A.R. on McGrath Medical
You're the Best!

Dr. McGrath and Steve Cook gave me the most feasible and knowledgeable advice and feedback. They are the best in their field of work.

by BDB on McGrath Medical
Amazing Results!

Incredible service and amazing results! Thank you Dr. McGrath!

by D.M. on McGrath Medical
Excellent patient Doctor relationship!

Excellent patient Doctor relationship! Dr. McGrath and Steve are always willing to help and is always reachable. The hair procedure by Dr McGrath has shown positive results and I’m looking forward to continuing with the next procedure.

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