FUE Hair Transplant Correction Surgery

FUE_Donor ScarringThe patient was told he received 2000 FUE grafts using an automated FUE machine. He was 40 years old and was a Norwood Class V hair loss classification.

He was told he would not have any scarring in the donor area with the advanced FUE technique. As you can see from the donor area shaved there was significant donor scarring with many of the incisions run together which may account for some of the poor growth because hair follicles were probably transected. Others hair follicles may have been damaged from the tearing suction of the device used to remove the FUE grafts.

Dr. McGrath elected to do a large strip (FUT) ULTRA-Density procedure to excise some of the scar and obtain as much coverage as possible for the front and top of the scalp. The grafts were carefully prepared under microscopic dissection before transplantation.

The before photo was after 2000 FUR hair grafts were performed and grew poorly, the after photo below right is at 8 months post-op.