Beard Hair Transplant – Case Study

Jeremy before beard hair transplantion

Jeremy is 41 years old. All his adult life he hated NOT being able to grow a full beard. His did have some beard, but extremely thin and fine. He did not see in the mirror what he wanted to see.

The above photos were taken one day after Jeremy’s beard hair transplant procedure.

Dr. McGrath has changed his life so much he was willing to share his photos with others looking for a facial hair specialist. He drove 5 hours from West Texas for the procedure. Bianca sent you his before and day after the procedure. Since he lives so far he sent in his 8 month post op. He is so happy with the results he spent the money on a professional photographer and is building a portfolio and pursuing a modeling career. (See Jeremy with his full new beard below.)


Jeremy with a full beard. 6 months after his beard hair transplant