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Dr. Daniel McGrath

Past President, Board of Directors for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), the only hair restoration certification program  for physicians recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). 

Ultra-DENSITY - More Hair, More Natural

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Dr. McGrath is Texas most experienced hair restoration surgeon and offers advanced medical and surgical solutions for hair loss.

COVID-19 Office Policy

Elective surgeries have been given the green light to begin again in Texas, we will begin having low volume surgery and injectables, including exosomes. and allowing a limited amount of patients in depending on necessity.
When you come to our office we will have a number of safety protocols in place:
  • In case of illness - please notify us if you have had any cough, fever, or upper respiratory symptoms so that we may reschedule or convert your appointment to a video conference.
  • We will only be seeing surgery and injection patients in-office. All other appointments will be virtual.
  • All staff has been tested for COVID-19 and we will be pre-screening all patients coming into the facility along with monitoring body temperature of all patients entering our clinic.
  • All surgery patients will be offered in-house COVID-19 testing.
  • When you arrive at our office, you will call the office to notify us you arrived and wait in your car. When it is time for your appointment a staff member will come and let you in to minimize time in the waiting area with other patients.
  • We will be constantly cleaning and wiping down surfaces in treatment areas and waiting areas between patients.
  • We will keep exam room doors partially open to maintain good ventilation.
  • Even after re-opening, we will encourage videoconferencing for all patients who are willing and prefer to follow up from the safety and comfort of their homes
We appreciate you as a patient and will continue to protect you under our care. Please let us know if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment at 512-474-4247.

Hair Restoration Surgery

State of the Art Hair Restoration for Men & Women including ultra refined hair transplantation, FUE hair transplant techniques & ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE )

Follicular Unit Extraction, known as FUE removes single follicular units. The tiny incisions creates a virtually scarless donor with no linear scar which allows patients to wear their hair very short.

ACell Hair Regrowth Therapy

ACell+PRP Therapy is a breakthrough in medical hair restoration and follicular regeneration. This can be an effective non-surgical treatment for both Men &

Tired of Losing hair?  

McGrath Medical Is Here For You

Our practice is dedicated to producing consistently excellent results utilizing the latest proven hair loss treatments and hair transplant techniques to achieve our patients’ cosmetic goals in Austin, Dallas and Houston, Texas.

Today, Dr. McGrath, is one of the few hair restoration surgeons in the world who is a Fellowship Trained member of the ABHRS, the only certification recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery . He performs only Ultra-refined Follicular Unit Hair Restoration, the accepted “Gold Standard” in natural hair restoration surgery, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the New NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant System for virtually scarless donor hair extraction and ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy for men and women experiencing hair loss.

What our clients are saying..

Going into a process like this can be nerve racking and embarrassing for some people. Dr. McGrath, Steve Cook, and Irene Wozniak made this experience one of a kind — the whole staff is truly professional and amazing at what they do, but are also extremely caring and willing to listen to you and your needs. They are also flexible in making sure it is the right fit for you, even giving transportation to and from your hotel in their personal vehicles. You will not feel rushed or forced into any decision. Looking back, I am glad to have chosen Dr. McGrath and wouldn’t change my mind on this decision. The results are great, even getting better every day after 2 years. I can’t thank them enough! – Trent S.

Trent S.

Dr. McGrath, Steven, Irene, and the entire staff at McGrath Medical are absolutely amazing and have changed my life for the better as my results were extremely good. It’s almost hard to believe how much better I look compared to the photos taken before my first procedure – it feels like I am a completely different, better person now. I highly recommend a transplant here over anywhere else as they exceeded my expectations 10x over and were extremely skillful in every aspect of the process. The talent, years of experience, and pure artistry Dr. McGrath demonstrated easily make him one of the best in the world, if not THE best in this field (and I can confidently say this based on the months of research I did elsewhere before consulting with McGrath medical.) I went from an absolutely horrible, thinning, highly receding hairline/crown to a full, strong, natural, and restored hairline/head of hair. My barber couldn’t even tell I had a procedure until I told him. I have zero negative things to say and can’t recommend the team here enough!! Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

I wish to thank you and your team for the excellent way my procedure was performed. You have a well
trained, professional and dedicated staff, this doesn’t happen by chance. My compliments and deepest

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

I had a transplant in December, and I just wanted to let Dr. McGrath know that I’m very happy with the
result. He is a highly skilled surgeon with a good aesthetic eye and attention to detail. The staff was great,
too, and the post- procedure care was well organized and easy to follow. Thanks!



Dr. McGrath is truly gifted (or a magician, or both) and my results look absolutely, completely natural. I
am amazed at how easy this whole process was, and I am considering a second procedure sometime in
the future. People who know I had it done ask me if it hurt and I always tell them “just in my wallet”, but in
reality I think it’s very good value for the money.

Donald M.

Donald M.

Dr McGrath transplanted 6,200 hairs in my procedure. I was told I was a class 5 patient and have been
losing my hair for the last 15 years. I was skeptical and nervous. Dr, McGrath did not pressure me to
make a fast decision. I felt very comfortable and needed some time. Six months later I was in surgery and
could not believe how comfortable the entire staff made me feel. I have been considering this for years
and cannot explain how wonderful it is to get my hair back. Dr McGrath was extremely confident in
how a one procedure hair surgery would take years off my appearance. He was right! The internet makes
this procedure confusing. Dr McGrath makes this procedure an easy decision. Anyone out there
considering a hair transplant, this is what I call a “no brainer”. Visit McGrath medical in Austin Tx, get
your hair back and you will love the result! Roman Johnson, TX

Exosome Therapy Case Study For Advanced Hair Loss

Dr. McGrath’s patient Adam describes his hair loss therapy journey. Adam describes his experience with Exosome therapy to improve his severe pattern hair loss. Although exosomes or any therapy will reverse severe hair loss, Adam saw hair growth in his frontal forelock, upper sides and back and dramatically improved density in his donor area. Below…

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Surgical and Medical Case Study

Medical Therapy and Surgical Hair Transplant Case Study Our patient Wil presented some unusual challenges when he first came to our office in 2014. He had traveled to California to a large clinic and had 3000 hair grafts transplanted. Unfortunately, Wil was not a good candidate for hair transplant and yet the California surgeon still…

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Telemedicine Available During COVID-19 Lock-down

Everyone has been affected by COVID-19. At McGrath Medical we are taking every measure that is appropriate to ensure our staff safety and patient safety. Dr. McGrath has recorded this video to communicate how our office is prepared to communicate with patient currently and how we intend to provide services moving forward.

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Dr. McGrath Receives Fellowship Designation

On November 13, 2019, during the 27th Annual Scientific Conference in Bangkok Thailand, the ISHRS Board of Governors unanimously approved Dr. McGrath as a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS). Dr. McGrath is among 8 approved FISHRS designee’s this year, joining the current 116 Fellow Members.

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