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1600 FUE Graft Case Study

This 29 year old male patient came to our office with high frontal recession and slight thinning in the crown Dr. McGrath performed FUE surgery and transplanted 1600 hair grafts in the front only. The patient has very fine, soft hair and at 14 months post op he is very happy with his fuller hairline.

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3000 Graft Hair Transplant Results

This patient is a 47year old male with Norwood Classification 5 hair loss. He had good density and above average body to his hair. He visited us 12 months after undergoing one FUT procedure of  3,037 hair grafts / approximately 7400 hairs. He is extremely happy with this one procedure, but may have an additional…

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New ACell PRP Treatment Helping Women Grow Hair

            Old photographs of Laurel Lacy capture more than memorable moments.  Little did Lacy know snap shots in time would chronicle her life-long struggle with hair loss. “It’s at the point now that it is noticeable and I do want to address the problem,” said Lacy. Lacy is hoping a…

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New Treatment May Regrow and Thicken Hair Without Surgery

PRP works by injecting the platelets from the patient’s own blood directly into the scalp, saying they contain growth factors that stimulate the regrowth and thickening of hair follicles. Dr. McGrath has been using PRP with ACell MatriStem a “porcine urinary bladder matrix,” derived from pig bladder cells, that has proven to be very helpful in wound healing. Wound…

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The Truth About Neograft, FUE’s and Hair Transplantation

by Dr. Dan McGrath In recent years there has been a tremendous amount of buzz in the hair transplant industry about a procedure known as Follicular Unit Extraction. Commonly referred to as FUE, this is the process of removal of the donor hair that is to be used for the transplant process, literally one graft…

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Hair Transplant Patient of the Month

Above is a 40 year old male patient with Class 3 hair loss, dark wavy hair with good to average density. Below view video of Dr. McGrath combing through the patient’s transplanted hair. 1 session, 2200 hair grafts, 1 year after surgery.

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ACell + PRP Hair Growth Injection Therapy Now Available at McGrath Medical

ACell Hair

ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Results Male patient Class 4 Hair loss, before (L) and 4 months after (R) ACell Hair Regrowth Injection Therapy Female patient with diffuse alopecia throughout the top of the scalp and 6 months after injection therapy. The patient’s hair has thickened significantly. At McGrath Medical we have been reviewing the…

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Dr. McGrath discusses Histogen

The following is a transcript of the video at the bottom of this page of Dr. McGrath discussing Histogen. I’d like to talk about some very exciting news about the development of a new product out there that may well revolutionize hair restoration surgery or hair thinning and balding as we know it. This is…

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