Dr. McGrath discusses Histogen

The following is a transcript of the video at the bottom of this page of Dr. McGrath discussing Histogen.

I'd like to talk about some very exciting news about the development of a new product out there that may well revolutionize hair restoration surgery or hair thinning and balding as we know it. This is a complex topic, but the name of the compound is called HSC. Maybe some of you have heard about it, maybe not, but if this is new to you, HSC stands for Hair Stimulating Complex and what it is basically is a combined mixture. It's a liquid composition that's meant for injectable, direct injectable use into the scalp. It's basically been developed by growing newborn cells in an embryonic condition and bathing them with specific types of stimulating proteins, in particular a protein called Wnt, in fact, it's Wnt7a, a very specific type of growth stimulating protein as well as a chemical compound known as follistatin.

Apparently, the company has found in their investigations when this is bathed in this complex at a very low oxygen level, they're able to really maximize the effects of this compound, and the phase studies that have been done through phase I clinical trials had been really nothing short of remarkable. At the end of one year, the first trial, they found a 73% increase in the growth of hair from baseline. Now that's amazing. That's an amazing finding and it's revolutionary. If this ends up being something that can be used broadly in the markets, it could totally change hair loss as we know with men and women potentially.

So again, the name of the complex is HSC. It's made by a company called Histogen. Now Histogen has been around since early 2007 and they're really a cutting edge company that's developing some amazing new products not just for hair loss, but for other types of stem cell research and tissue regeneration, amazing stuff that they're doing. I know they have topnotch investigators involved in this. My mentor is involved as one of the lead investigators with this compound, HSC, so I know they have some amazing people involved with this.

So I want to get some information to the basic public about it. It's something to keep your eye on. There's a lot of technical complicated reports about it online, but I wanted to try to break it down for you. It's not available in the States yet and probably won't be until the very earliest 2014, 2015 maybe. It depends on how things go in some of other where it's being studied in Asia and other select countries, but it's an amazing product that I think could revolutionize what we do and I think it's something that you all want to know about firsthand.

So that's what's called, HSC. Do some research on it. If you have any other questions, log on to the site, drop them off. I'll be happy to address them individually and see, you know, if I can help you get your answers that you're looking for.

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