Surgical and Medical Case Study

Medical Therapy and Surgical Hair Transplant Case Study

Our patient Wil presented some unusual challenges when he first came to our office in 2014. He had traveled to California to a large clinic and had 3000 hair grafts transplanted. Unfortunately, Wil was not a good candidate for hair transplant and yet the California surgeon still did the procedure leaving Wil with almost no hair growth and a large visible donor area because his hair was too sparse for hair transplantation and to cover the scar.

When Dr. McGrath reviewed Wil's particular case he informed him that he would not be able to perform a successful hair transplant procedure because of his poor donor density. The good news was that Dr. McGrath is one of the world leaders in medical therapy for hair loss and had significant experience in combination medical therapy which included ACell plus PRP injection therapy.

Dr. McGrath began by prescribing a Finasteride and minoxidil combination and treating his donor with ACell + PRP. The result was that in 9 months Wil's Donor Area had significantly thickened and Dr. McGrath excised some of the scar and transplanted Wil's hair line. In a subsequent procedure Dr. McGrath performed FUE hair transplantation to the remaining donor scar and adding more density to the top.

At the time of this video Wil has returned to transplant additional hair from his beard and to have XoFlo Extracellular Vesicles (EV) injection therapy to the midscalp and donor region. These tiny nano-particles are only 1/1000th the size of a stem cell and contain over 1000 protein growth factors. The use of these extracellular vesicles for the treatment of hair loss is brand new and has shown very promising early results in individual patients.