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Archive for January 2012

16 days post op

So it has been 16 days since my surgery and I couldn’t be happier! The stitches have been out for a week and any discomfort that was there is long gone! I have noticed that my hair is already starting to grow!! I was amazed to see the progress so far! I have been using…

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Facebook Winner desribes his first 6 days Post Op

It has been one week since my procedure and words can’t express how this makes me feel! The procedure itself was pain-free and I quite honestly feel like I have healed up faster than expected! I have a renewed sense of confidence and self esteem! I know for a fact that it shows in just my daily…

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Dr. McGrath discusses Histogen

The following is a transcript of the video at the bottom of this page of Dr. McGrath discussing Histogen. I’d like to talk about some very exciting news about the development of a new product out there that may well revolutionize hair restoration surgery or hair thinning and balding as we know it. This is…

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