Hair Transformation – 2,800 FUE Hair Transplant @ 8 Months

This 42-year-old patient came to us with a significant frontal hairline recession. (Norwood hair loss classification 4) After consultation, it was determined that he would need approximately 3,000 hair grafts. With all patients, Dr. McGrath always discusses medical therapy and encourages the patient to begin combination medical hair loss therapy. Although the medical treatment would help maintain his existing hair and improve density, it would not restore his old hairline, and only hair transplant surgery could reestablish his hairline.

Top view before and 8 months post-op.

The patient wanted the option to shave his hair very short, so he elected to have an FUE harvest method, which extracts individual hair follicular units one at a time, leaving no visible donor scar.


The donor area immediately after surgery and eight months later. Within days, there was virtually no evidence of surgery in the donor region.

Hairline restored. Immediately post-op and at eight months after surgery.

To establish a fuller, more youthful hairline, Dr. McGrath advanced the side hairline and closed the temporal region.

Side view before surgery, immediately post-op with temporal closure and advancement of the temporal hair.

Frontal view.

The patient is very happy with his more healthy and youthful appearance and continues the combination of medical therapy to maintain his existing hair. Over the next 4 to 6 months, his hair will continue thickening as more hair grows in.