2 FUT Hair Transplant Hairline Lowering Results

Because the patient had a high visibility profile on YouTube he did not want to shave his head for FUE hair transplantation so Dr. McGrath used FUT donor strip harvest to get 2,320 grafts that were dissected under microscope.

The procedure was successful, the donor scar was minimal and the patient was very happy. The patient also began taking finasteride orally to help maintain his existing hair.

Dr. McGrath again performed FUT hair transplant surgery and excised the previous scar while extracting a new strip that provided another 1,500 hair grafts. The patient has maintained his regime with finasteride 1 time daily for hair loss prevention

On August 23, 2022, the patient returned and although happy with the result of the first procedure he wanted to enhance the hairline density and round off the temporal corners.