Thomas McDonald – Producer of the Jeff Ward Show chooses McGrath Medical

Thomas McDonald Hair TransplantKLBJ-AM producer Thomas McDonald  (Jeff Ward Show) didn't like his hair loss but he didn't know there was anything he could do about it. He didn't want wigs, plugs or lotions, he wanted his own hair.

Then he met Dr. Dan McGrath of McGrath Medical. Dr. McGrath had his own hair transplanted and the results were amazing. Thomas realized there was a natural, permanent  procedure to restore his hair.

Thomas was so excited he agreed to go public and invited the KLBJ-AM audience to follow his progress. The pictures above show Thomas before, during and immediately after his procedure. He recently had 2950 follicular unit grafts transplanted during an 8 hour procedure. The grafts where meticulously prepared under microscopes by Dr. McGrath and his team while Thomas relaxed, ate lunch and watched movies.

Thomas recently came in for a 1 month follow up and is healing very well with some fine hairs already growing. He should expect hair to start growing at 3 month and significant hair growth at 6 months after the procedure.

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