Operation Restore Hair Restoration Case Study

This patient, now age 25, was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called Pilomatrical Carcinosaroma in Dec. 2008.  He underwent surgery  several times that left scars on the left side of his head and face.  His rehab consisted of several weeks of high dose radiation and chemotherapy that resulted in loss of hair on the left side and back of his head that would never grow back. He came to Dr. McGrath to replace the permanently damaged hair follicles and to cover the scars. Dr. McGrath performed a single session of 2541 grafts on him on July 25, 2011. After Results are from 8 months post-op.

This restoration procedure was performed Pro Bono as part of Operation Restore a program sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

When the loss of hair occurs because of disease or trauma the factors associated with such a hair loss process may produce particularly profound effect. Recognizing that many of these people in the process of physical and emotional recovery may lack the resources for corrective hair restoration surgery, the ISHRS Pro Bono Foundation was formed.

This program matches prospective hair loss patients with volunteer ISHRS physicians to obtain hair restoration services to help restore the physical and emotional wellness of the individual. The foundation provides financial, travel, lodging, and medical assistance to eligible patients.