Hair Loss and Hair Transplantation on FOX 7 NEWS

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News Reporter Foti Kallergi of FOX7 has his first hair transplant procedure with Dr. McGrath.

Read below what motivated Foti.



Not everyone has a head that's shaped for a clean shave. Before I got my first job in TV, I tried it. And that's when I noticed that the top of my head comes to a weird point.  Luckily, it all grew back before I was hired.

I have to admit, since I've gotten into the news business, I've notice my hair has been falling out at a faster rate. Call it stress or call it genetics. My twin brother Mario is completely bald now. We are 27 years old.

I had the hair transplant surgery because I felt bad about how I looked...not only in the mirror and but on camera. I've become really depressed and obsessed about it.

So why did I decide to get the surgery done in front of the public? One, because it's hard to hide, but most importantly, I wanted to make men feel like it's okay to be open about being bald.  Men don't like talking about their thinning hairline or bald heads.  They don't like pointing it out.

I hope we (men and women) can become more open about it.  And if the surgery isn't your calling, then maybe the series can help lead all of us towards acceptance.