Combination Medical Therapy and Hair Transplant Surgery

Before and 1 year after medical hair loss therapy and frontal FUE hair transplant. He is wearing a mask in his post-op photo because of COVID-19 Precautions.

This 33 year old male patient came to our office with thin donor hair. Dr. McGrath prescribed our specially made combination medical hair loss therapy. After responding positively to the medical therapy Dr. McGrath transplanted 1600 grafts using FUE donor harvesting and transplanted to restore a more youthful hairline. No hair grafts were transplanted in the crown. Below is his Google Review of his experience:

“McGrath medical is the absolute best at what they do! I came in for my initial consultation with my mind made up that I wanted a hair transplant. Steve evaluated my hair and gave me a good understanding and strategy for tackling my hair loss. He recommended I start a medication regimen to thicken my hair first and then decide if I still wanted to go through with the transplant surgery. I waited a few months and saw phenomenal results with the medication. I decided to still go ahead with the transplant and I am so happy with the results. The combination of medication and the transplant surgery has completely transformed my hair. I cant recommend McGrath Medical enough. They are hands down without equal and have referred several friends. I am forever grateful for Steve, Dr. McGrath, and his staff.” Robert V.