I am just amazed when I look in the mirror everyday

Well my 40th birthday just came and went but I didn't stress it one little bit! What more could a guy want than an amazing family and kids and a brand new head of his own natural hair! I haven't felt this good about myself...............really EVER!!

I am just amazed when I look in the mirror everyday that I actually have hair again! My self confidence is off the charts and trust me, everyone can sense it! I am by no means a cocky or vein guy, not my MO, but I feel like I can literally conquer the world! I know that when I meet my clients that they are listening to what I have to say and are not distracted by my bald head anymore! I would get at least 1 comment a month about my bald head and that it was just a shame that I was so young and bald! What a self confidence destroyer!

These past few months have been just an absolute inspirational journey for me! I can't thank Dr. McGrath and his team enough for giving me a new start to a new chapter in my life! This gift I received is truly priceless! If you have been balding prematurely and have lost that pep in your step I would give the folks down at McGrath Medical Hair Restoration in Austin a call! They will be able to tell you if this procedure is right for you and exactly what you can expect to see as a result. I am truly blown away about my progress and I am only 8 months post op! I am at only 70% coverage and its getting better by the week! The only problem I have had is what to do with all the hair I do have! I don't know whether to cut it or grow it long and style it! LOL Talk about problems!! Seriously, give Tedd down at McGrath a shout, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!!