15 weeks post op

Chad before (l) and 4 months after (r)

Well it has been 15 weeks since my procedure and I can't even put into words how much it has changed my life! It is so awesome to see people that I haven't seen in months only to comment that "there is something different about you"! The confidence this procedure has given back to me is nothing short of amazing and is quite literally a miracle!! My work like and personal life have been given a new start and I know it is because I finally feel confident and happy with myself! I don't mind actually paying for a haircut anymore and buying shampoo again is awesome!! If there is anyone at all out there on the fence about getting this miraculous procedure done, all I can say is GO FOR IT!! It will absolutely give you a fresh start in life! More pictures will be coming soon in the next few weeks! Please don't hesitate to contact me and ask me just how this procedure has changed my life! I am happy to share!!