Full Frontal Hairline Restoration With Black Hair

This 36 year old Asian man had experienced significant frontal hair loss and was no longer able to conceal it.  He was already a Norwood Hair Loss class 4. Fortunately his donor area was dense and he embraced combination medical therapy to improve and maintain his existing hair. His goal was to transplant as much hair as possible in a single session and he had no desire to trim his hair short in the sides and back. We transplanted 4,023 hair grafts harvested via donor strip and the grafts carefully dissected into natural follicular units under microscopic dissection. The first set of photos below are from 1 and 2 months post-op. Healing was very good and he exhibited early hair growth at 2 months.

At 5 months he was showing very good early hair growth and had reasonable coverage whether his hair was wet or dry.

Before and approximately 10 months post-op