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Follicular units are distinct groupings of usually one to four terminal hairs. The follicular unit is thus a naturally occurring physiologic, as well as an anatomic entity.

Follicular unit transplantation offers the surgeon the ability to transplant the maximum amount of hair with the minimum amount of non-hair bearing skin. In this way, recipient wounds are kept small, healing is facilitated, and with proper technique, large numbers of grafts may be safely moved per session. The use of these units helps to ensure that the cosmetic result of the transplant will appear completely natural.

The trichophytic donor closure technique is an advanced surgical technique that allows people to have a nearly undetectable linear donor scar after strip excision FUT hair transplant. Before trichophytic donor closures, or tricho closures, existed, patients were expected to have a donor scar that would range anywhere from zero to two millimeters in width. While this may not have been a problem for patients who had longer hair that could be utilized to cover the scar, the donor scar would be visible for those who had short hair. The trichophytic donor closure is an overlapping technique that allows hair to grow directly through the donor scar, resulting in the donor scar being nearly invisible.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)Slide5

FUE is the individual extraction of follicular units from the sides and back of the scalp.

Dr. McGrath is the first Diplomate of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons in Texas to incorporate FUE hair transplantation with the Neograft Automated Hair Transplant System. In Dr. McGrath’s experienced hands this device provides him with an automated method to  remove the follicular units allowing him to perform larger FUE hair transplant procedures in less time.









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