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Tedd Dicus – Director of Patient Education

Tedd Dicus - Director of Patient Education


“It would take too long to explain everything hair restoration has done to improve my life and my lifestyle.  It has truly been a life changing miracle”

Tedd Dicus, Director of Patient Education at McGrath Medical.

After his procedure, Tedd actually chose to re-evaluate his professional career focus to be a part of the medical community, and ultimately joined the McGrath Medical staff. Working with Dr. McGrath has allowed Tedd to be part of a world renown hair restoration team that truly cares and assists in changing people’s lives in a powerful and positive way.

“When you believe in what you do and who you are doing it with it shows” states Tedd about the team at McGrath Medical. Tedd’s success and achievements while working with McGrath Medical, have always been due to his primary focus of having a “patients before the profits” mentality. The ability to listen and understand the patient needs, educating, evaluating the patient accurately, paying attention to the details, consistent follow up, a high level of service and a true compassion and understanding, as a past patient, have all been essential components to his success and what he has practiced as a patient educator during his tenure and while working with over 13,000 men, women and young adults in consults and with over 3,000 of them who have become very satisfied hair restoration patients.

Tedd Dicus works side by side with Dr. McGrath, also a hair transplant patient, to stay current in the latest procedures and technology available in the hair restoration field and is often the patient’s advocate to communicate clearly the patient’s goals and to deliver all patient information to assure each patient is fully informed of all their options and provide the best care possible.

“I consider myself extremely fortunate. I have trained and worked with some of the most respected names in our industry and I can comfortably say that Dr. McGrath is the most personable and artistic surgeon I have worked with producing the most natural results I have ever experienced”.

Tedd will attest, his most important business achievement has always been the overall affect he can and does make on a patient’s life. Tedd can be reached via email at or call Phone: 512-474-4247.